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Photo of the Month

This is by no means the biggest walleye we caught on Pool 2 this fall but with the lights of St. Paul in the back ground and the fact that this fish swims in a river just minutes from millions of people, it makes this one pretty special to me!

My Favorite Baits
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I was born and raised on the Mississippi River just north of Sartell, Mn (St. Cloud) into a large family that taught me to enjoy and respect the beauty of the outdoors. I spent my childhood learning how to catch just about every species of fish that swims in this vast system. It was at this time that I learned the basic principals of presentations that work successfully for all species from the freshwater carp to the walleye and everything else in between. Since the days of my childhood, my passion for fishing has grown to the point that my time on the water annual exceeds 175+ days split between guiding and tournament fishing for both walleye and smallmouth bass.
It is my goal as a guide and tournament fisherman to pass on what I know and love about this sport to anglers of all ages. My philosophy is to incorporate education and instruction into every enjoyable trip on the water and offer something extra few others do... I move around to stay on the best bite available for trophy fish instead of fishing through slow bite periods on my "home" body of water. This allows me to consistently offer my customers an unsurpassed fishing

Listed below are some of my more popular trips I offer throughout a fishing season. Other trips for N. Pike, largemouth bass, whitebass and crappies are availble upon request. Contact me for more information.

My Specialties
Plus Pike, LM Bass Panfish!
My Latest Fishing Report

Updated just about every time I come off the water!

Well, winter has finally set in and my beloved Pool 2 of the Mississippi River is starting to accumulate some ice. My guide customers and I enjoyed a fall to remember fishing Pool 2 with many (MANY) walleyes caught in excess of 6 Lbs with a few of the larger fish pushing over 9 Lbs. All good things must come to an end of course so now you're likely to find me on the ice on Upper Red Lake chasing crappies or even further up north on Lake of the Woods fishing walleye and sauger. A little warm weather, even in the middle of the winter up here in MN, will open Pool 2 back up to boat traffic so don't be surprised if one of my next reports talks about me catching fish from my boat while the rest of the world is making snowmen!

Check out my detailed fishing reports, complete with photos, on the river web site fishtheriver.com

- Steve's Latest FTR Report -

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